Cheese production

Le Collège La Cité offers a series of educational initiatives for the “Science” and “Business and Commerce” high school curriculum in order to foster youth interest for careers in cheese production.

Thanks to the financial support of the Canadian Dairy Commission, La Cité has developed a series of experiential learning activities delivered by content experts in cheese production or by high school subject teachers (physics, chemistry, biology, environmental sciences, entrepreneurship). In addition, there are several career exploration and post-secondary transition activities designed to promote a better understanding of the field and the value of professions related to cheese production.

This initiative aims to:

  • raise students’ awareness of the cheese industry
  • make students aware of the expertise required in cheese-making
  • provide teachers with learning activities related to the “Science” and “Business and Commerce” curriculum
  • offer a series of activities that can be included in the Agriculture and Food Processing SHSM Red Seals

All educational content was developed collaboratively with content experts, using a variety of reference sources, to create authentic learning activities that reflect real-world examples related to the field.

Different activities related to the high school curriculum are presented for each of the courses in the “Course list”.

Authentic scenarios

  • case studies
  • hands-on projects
  • exploratory situations
  • and more…

Theoretical components

  • animated vignettes
  • concept maps
  • working documents
  • and more…

Lab activities

  • lab sheets
  • preparatory documents
  • and more…

Practical activities

  • scenarios
  • fact sheets
  • research projects
  • and more…

Evaluation activities

  • observation and self-assessment grids
  • written projects
  • oral presentations
  • and more…

Supporting documents

  • preparation sheets
  • guides
  • evaluation grids
  • and more…